Who We Are

imgIt was in the mid-1980s when the civil society movement rose to douse the flames of frustration with the government led hierarchical development system that failed to deliver. From the villages to the highest frontiers of technology the visions of self reliance and self governance became to mantras for realization of the aspirations of a vibrant 21st century. The germination of Ankur Yuva Chetna Shivir is ensconced in this second resurgence of the nation, this time for freedom from poverty and inequality. Dream project of a few committed teenagers, this sprout (i.e. Ankur) blossomed forth into a movement (and not just an institution) for holistic development. Ankur's journey through the last 26 years has been replete with struggle. There were many moments of anxiety and there came a point when it seemed well high impossible to go on. It almost became certain that our commitment to a meaningful goal and the realization of the same may not come to be. But dream we still did, and the almighty stoked the fire within us by showing the divine hand. Every time Ankur appeared to flounder, someone or the other came forward to its aid. Every worker engaged in developmental works gathers varied experiences. Many a time, some unseen force extricates us from the tide of difficulties and propels us into placid waters. It is this unseen force which constantly prods us to inch forward, in spite of all kinds of problems. We know that the path we've chosen is long and arduous. Yet our morale is on a high. We do not claim that we will change the entire society, but through our honesty and hard work we might just succeed in making some difference.

Vision and Mission:

imgAnkur Yuva Chetana Shivir is voluntary organization. It was established in 8th August 1986 under society registration act 1860.We started with this primary mission as a grass root level NGO; we realized that people themselves are the best judge of what they need. Our main aim has always been to convert individual dreams into a collective consciousness through community convergence and participatory approach with the tools of self as well as social awareness; we endeavor to help the community understand how to convert its latent dreams into reality.

Ankur Yuva Chetana Shivir has come to the solemn conclusion that none but the community knows best what is needed for their betterment. It is the community itself, with the right motivation, can accomplish impossible feats in the field of developmental action. It is the people from urban slums and villages, who have inspired Ankur to adopt this slogan:


"If you can dream it you can do it."

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